rtrek 0.3.3 Unreleased

  • Minor bug fix and documentation updates.

rtrek 0.3.2 2020-11-16

  • Bug fixes related to website HTML updates.
  • Updated unit tests.

rtrek 0.3.1 Unreleased

  • Tentative fix for bug related to galaxy map 2.

rtrek 0.3.0 2019-12-15

  • Fix bugs related to Memory Alpha and Memory Beta breaking changes.
  • Simplify Wikipedia book list function to reduce package maintenance. Encourage use of stBooks.
  • Updated documentation and testing conditions.
  • only build vignette for website, no longer included in package.

rtrek 0.2.5 2019-11-27

  • Added st_transcripts for importing datasets based on episode and movie transcripts containing metadata and variables for analysis of scenes, character presence, dialog, sentiment.
  • Added basic ggplot2 themes.
  • Added stLogos metadata dataset and related st_logo function.
  • Minor bug fixes and documentation updates.

rtrek 0.2.2 Unreleased

  • Minor updates related to dplyr/tibble.
  • Documentation updates.

rtrek 0.2.1 Unreleased

  • Fixed errors in stBooks dataset where the number of words per book was calculated incorrectly.
  • Documentation updates.

rtrek 0.2.0 2019-01-11

  • Added an initial version of an API function memory_alpha along with a collection of internal support functions for accessing Star Trek data from web portals available on the Memory Alpha website.
    • Internal portal functions that return data from portal and portal category web pages, and which may run recursively when necessary to compile complete content over multiple pages, are memoized.
    • Functions like ma_article, which return article content from a terminal endpoint are not memoized.
  • Added ma_search function for using the Memory Alpha site search via URL parameters.
  • Added ma_image function for downloading source images from Memory Alpha and loading into R as ggplot objects.
  • Added an initial version of an API function memory_beta and other mb_* Memory Beta analogs to Memory Alpha website functions.
  • Added mb_timeline for working with data from the Memory Beta Chronology.
  • Added new datasets, mainly to timelines: tlBooks, tlEvents, tlFootnotes. Also added stSeries names and abbreviations table.
  • Renamed st_book_series and stBooksWP to st_books_wiki and stBooksWiki, respectively.
  • Updated tile set URLs.
  • Updated stBooks dataset. This data frame now has better formatting, greater consistency, duplicates removed, and contains more entries than before. It is still incomplete and imperfect, but much improved over the previous version.
  • Updated stBooksWiki dataset. Updated column names for consistency.
  • Updates the acronyms used in the package for consistency.
  • Update unit tests, added unit tests for Memory Alpha and Memory Beta functions.
  • Updated function documentation.
  • Updated introduction vignette sections. Added new section relating to timeline datasets.
  • Added three new vignettes for each of the three API options: STAPI, Memory Alpha, and Memory Beta.
  • Minor bug fixes.

rtrek 0.1.0 2018-06-06

  • Refactored some functions and datasets.
  • Added new stBooks dataset, renamed previous stBooks to stBooksWP.
  • Added connection to new map tile set, galaxy2.
  • Add two more species/homeworlds to example data.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Added and updated unit tests.

rtrek 0.0.9 Unreleased

  • Remove remote trekfont now that it is available on CRAN.
  • Prepare GitHub accessible external datasets that serve package web pages.
  • Updated documentation, website. Add to “fun pages” (R & R), which are only part of website “vignettes”, not package vignettes.
  • Minor fixes.

rtrek 0.0.8 Unreleased

  • Added more robust testing of API entity searches.
  • Minor refactor of stapi internals and addition of stapiEntities dataset.
  • Added optional (non-dependent) association with trekfont package with a function st_font to list and preview fonts from that package.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Minor fixes.

rtrek 0.0.7 Unreleased

  • Added additional vignettes.
  • Optional integration with trekfont package.
  • Improved website, including initial version of Stellar Cartography page.
  • Update data.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Updated readme and docs.

rtrek 0.0.6 Unreleased

  • Added initial introduction vignette content.
  • Added anti-DOS measures for API calls.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Updated unit tests.
  • Updated readme.

rtrek 0.0.5 Unreleased

  • Added initial Star Trek data API functionality via STAPI wrapper.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Added unit tests.
  • Added moderately curated data frame of Star Trek novels metadata scraped from Wikipedia.
  • Added convenience function for accessing specific Wikipedia entries in browser.

rtrek 0.0.1 Unreleased

  • Added minimal data and functions.
  • Added basic unit tests.
  • Updated documentation, improved dataset and object curation.

rtrek Unreleased

  • Added initial package scaffolding.