Author: Matthew Leonawicz
License: MIT

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The rtrek package provides datasets related to the Star Trek fictional universe and functions for working with those datasets. It interfaces with the Star Trek API (STAPI), Memory Alpha and Memory Beta to retrieve data, metadata and other information relating to Star Trek.

The package also contains several local datasets covering a variety of topics such as Star Trek timeline data, universe species data and geopolitical data. Some of these are more information rich, while others are toy examples useful for simple demonstrations. The bulk of Star Trek data is accessed from external sources by API. A future version of rtrek will also include summary datasets resulting from text mining analyses of Star Trek novels.

Image: Example Leaflet map using non-geographic Star Trek map tiles.


Install the CRAN release of rtrek with

Install the development version from GitHub with


Time to be good detectives. Good thing Data has R installed.

These are just a few examples to help you jump right in. See the package articles for more.

Packages in the trekverse

rtrek: The core Star Trek package

Datasets related to Star Trek, API wrappers to external data sources, and more.

lcars: LCARS aesthetic for Shiny

Create Shiny apps based on the Library Computer Access/Retrieval System (LCARS).

trekcolors: A color palette package

Predefined and customizable Star Trek themed color palettes and related functions.

trekfont: A fonts package

True (Trek) type fonts to style your Star Trek themed graphics text.

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