A data frame with 2122 rows and 14 columns containing Star Trek timeline data. This dataset is novel-driven, meaning that the timeline entries (rows) provide a chronologically ordered list of licensed Star Trek novels.



A data frame


Specifically, this curated dataset includes data derived from historical timeline information in the appendix of the Star Trek reference manual, Voyages of the Imagination, which provides information on the large collection of licensed Star Trek literature. The authors note that the original timeline includes "novels, short stories, eBooks, novelizations, Simon & Schuster Audio original audio books, Minstrel Books young adult books, and classic novels from Bantam and Ballantine Books, published through October 2006."

While this data is very informative, it is clearly many years out of date. It is also necessarily speculative. Settings are determined based in part on what is interpreted to be the intention of a given author for a given production. Nevertheless, it still represents possibly the highest quality representation of the chronological ordering of Star Trek fiction that combines episodes and movies with written works. The concurrent timeline of Star Trek TV episodes and movies are interleaved with the novels and other written fiction for fuller context resulting in a much richer timeline. See the tlEvents dataset for an event-driven timeline.