SNAPverse R package ecosystem development frozen.

Development of the SNAPverse R package ecosystem has been frozen indefinitely. This project was never directly funded. I began it out of personal interest, but no longer work for SNAP. It will remain archived here for historical reference.

apputils is an R package containing common utilty functions, settings and references for development use across multiple Shiny apps. It has a shinydashboard focus. apputils is a satellite member of the SNAPverse collection of R packages. It supports other satellites in the verse, including maputils and snaputils.


Package functionality and areas of support covered by apputils include:

  • Overrides of shinydashboard::valueBox, shinydashbaord::infoBox and shiny::icon that support the use of local thumbnails images.
  • Stat boxes: special type of value or info boxes for common statistics using a collection of icons provided by the package.
  • Adjusted CSS styles and integration with packages like rintrojs and shinytoastr for interactive tours and toast messages.
  • Functions for including app information widgets such as citations, contact info, frequently asked questions and more.
  • Encapsulation of working with data frames in server.R in specific contexts and use cases to simplify code.
  • Wrappers around specific use cases for Leaflet maps, data tables, and general plotting in apps.
  • Helper functions for dynmaic reports.


You can install maputils from github with:

# install.packages('devtools')


The complete set of satellite packages is shown below.