Matthew Leonawicz

Statistician | R Developer SNAP

I am the lead statistical analyst for Scenarios Network for Alaska & Arctic Planning at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I love programming in R. Much of my work revolves around high performance statistical computing, web application development, data visualization, and dynamic reporting. I develop R Shiny apps for presentation of statistical analyses and scientific information suitable for a range of audiences and I always enjoy opportunities to create informative, beautiful graphics.

I help develop and promote scientific and analytic coding best practices for SNAP. I develop and deploy new analytic and visualization tools. My tech blog helps promote SNAP technical capacity. I enjoy networking with other R developers, statisticians, data analysts, researchers, and useRs around the globe. While I don’t have a lot of time to blog, I post more frequent updates on Twitter. A lot of my R code is open source and freely available here on Github.

When not neck deep in R code, I can generally be found supervising others in analytic and data processing positions as well as providing guidance, education and training to co-workers on topics of statistics, modeling, analysis, data visualization, data processing, and statistical programming.