Matthew Leonawicz

R and Shiny developer | Software developer

I enjoy R package development, Shiny development, data visualization, and dynamic reporting. I’m a member of ROpenSci. I’ve published several peer-reviewed R packages to CRAN as well as three with ROpenSci focusing on textual manipulation, energy data retrieval, and geospatial map tile generation. I also enjoy networking with other R developers and useRs. I’m most interested in development of tools that enhance the R ecosystem, improve workflows and productivity, and assist with reproducible research.

R packages

ROpenSci and CRAN

  • eia: API wrapper for the US Energy Information Administration.
  • epubr: Tidy parsing of text from EPUB files.
  • tiler: Geospatial and non-geospatial map tile generation.


  • tabr: Notation-driven music data analysis and transcription.
  • imgpalr: Derive color palettes from images.
  • legocolors: Lego color conventions and mapping functions.
  • memery: Blend data visualizations and memes.

And just for fun, but also data analysis, the trekverse.

  • rtrek: All things Stark Trek for R. Data APIs and more.
  • lcars: LCARS aesthetic for Shiny.
  • trekcolors: Star Trek color palettes.
  • trekfont: Star Trek fonts.