snaplocs 0.2.3 (Release date: 2017-01-14)

  • Fixed bug where vector of multiple locations could possibly return state/province, country or coordinates in incorrect order with respect to vector.

snaplocs 0.2.2 (Release date: 2017-12-15)

  • Breaking changes: Changed region argument in metadata helper functions to group. Change loc and region columns names in locs data frame to Location and Group. These changes bring more consistency with packages like snapclim and snapfire.
  • Migrate regions data frame to snaplocs from snapclim. regions data frame will support multiple downsteam packages.
  • Update introduction vignette, help documentation and unit tests.

snaplocs 0.2.1 (Release date: 2017-10-05)

  • Added region argument to metadata helper functions to subset locs data frame and limit possible duplicate results when a point location name is unique within a region but not between regions.
  • Update introduction vignette.
  • Added unit tests.

snaplocs 0.2.0

  • Added function for conversion to NAD83 Alaska Albers equal area conic projection.
  • Added unit tests and documentation.
  • Vectorized helper functions.
  • Added initial introduction vignette.

snaplocs 0.1.0

  • Added point location metadata helper functions.
  • Added point locations data set.


  • Added a file to track changes to the package.