memery 0.5.6 Unreleased

  • More fixes for CRAN submission after package was archived.

memery 0.5.5 Unreleased

  • More changes to address issues that only show up on CRAN but not on CRAN Win Builder.

memery 0.5.4 2021-01-29

  • Set unit tests to not run on CRAN.

memery 0.5.3 2021-01-25

  • Bug fixes and improvements to examples and tests.

memery 0.5.2 2019-04-19

  • Made meme_gif faster.

memery 0.5.1 Unreleased

  • Added bg pass through to graphics devices for edge case where meme background image has transparency.

memery 0.5.0 2018-05-17

  • Added package hex logo.
  • Added the car_shiny function for recreating the (ca)R Shiny promotional anaylst meme animated gif. Given that it is a gif, magick and ImageMagick are required for this function to work.
  • Fixed formatting issues in some of the documentation.
  • Switched some help doc examples to dontrun to avoid generating large images increasing package size.
  • Updated unit tests.
  • Added lintr to Suggests field in DESCRIPTION per CRAN maintainer request regarding testthat unit tests.

memery 0.4.2 2018-02-13

  • Fixed incorrectly specified testthat unit test that was causing build failure on some systems.

memery 0.4.1 2018-02-12

  • Minor fix to framerate frame selection options for animated gifs in packaged Shiny demo app.
  • Minor updates to documentation.

memery 0.4.0 2018-02-01

  • Update example Shiny app to account for presence/absence of magick package and launch an appropriately configured app in the browser (gif/no gif support and related options).
  • Example app test plot now only generates when app is launched in an R session where there are no ggplot objects in the global environment created by the user. If there are, then the test plot is not made. The test plot is also now only generated within the server environment and not added to the global environment.
  • Added app and animated gif content to introduction vignette.
  • Updated functions, examples and documentation.

memery Unreleased

  • Added magick to DESCRIPTION file Suggests field. The package is not required unless you are trying to read a gif image and save a gif meme using meme_gif. I consider this a minor use case so I have given memes based around gifs a unique function that wraps around meme rather than adding the gif-specific functionality directly to meme. If using meme_gif, you will need to install magick if not already installed. magick depends on the ImageMagick software so you will also have to install this dependency on your system. Aside from meme_gif, there is no need for ImageMagick.
  • meme_gif accepts a frames per second argument, fps, and a frame number argument, frame.
  • Added example Shiny app, launched via memeApp.
  • Updated unit tests, documentation and vignette.

memery 0.3.1 2017-11-14

  • Updated unit tests. A couple tests requiring installation of other font families are run on Windows and Mac as well as on Linux via Travis-CI where pre-installation of fonts can be ensured. Otherwise these tests are skipped (Other Linux environments as well as Solaris).
  • dplyr packaged removed since it is no longer used (at this time) in examples and tests. This was leading to a NOTE on Mac builds.

memery Unreleased

  • Copied DESCRIPTION file Description field content to memery help documentation details.
  • Updated readme.
  • Updated vignette.

memery 0.3.0 2017-11-09

  • Breaking changes: updated some arguments for meme and text_position.
  • Attempts to load Impact font on package load or to use any fonts with meme when not installed on the system now fail gracefully, falling back on serif.
  • showtext, showtextdb and sysfonts are now fully loaded ahead of memery.
  • Font sizing adjustments have been made to attempt to maintain as consistent as possible a text display on jpg vs. png outputs. Better anti-aliasing may be achieved using png, particularly regarding the text, though they will be fairly similar.
  • Added introduction vignette content.
  • Added templates to inset_background and inset_position helpers.
  • Added size and margin arguments to inset_position for additional user control of inset templates.
  • Added resource image file for examples and testing.
  • Added unit tests.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Update documentation.

memery 0.2.0 Unreleased

  • Breaking changes: updated several meme arguments.
  • Text size, font family, color and shadow color may now be vectors like label.
  • Further improved viewport behavior and inset plot integration along with integration of semi-transparent rounded-corner background box for option plot region.
    • The new box can be adjusted in terms of background and border color and corner radius via inset_bg in meme.
    • Updated memetheme.
  • Added convenience functions that provide the default settings for meme label positioning and inset plot positioning and background style.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Update documentation.

memery 0.1.6 Unreleased

  • Vectorized label and label_pos arguments for meme text.
  • Improved viewport behavior.
  • Update documentation.

memery 0.1.5 Unreleased

  • Refactored meme code, add/remove arguments, add error checking.
  • Updated documentation.

memery 0.1.0 Unreleased

  • Added meme function.
  • Added documentation.
  • Updated readme.

memery Unreleased

  • Initialized package scaffolding.