SNAPverse R package ecosystem development frozen.

Development of the SNAPverse R package ecosystem has been frozen indefinitely. This project was never directly funded. I began it out of personal interest, but no longer work for SNAP. It will remain archived here for historical reference.

snapsite contains a collection of utility functions for the development, maintenance and refinement of pkgdown-derived documentation across multiple SNAPverse packages. The core of the documentation for a SNAPverse package is based around pkgdown, which builds documentation for each package individually. The snapsite package assists with thematic tweaks and cohesive, standardized integration across multiple packages in the verse, helping to bring the SNAPverse together. It is not relevant to the SNAPverse outside of this development context. snapsite is a satellite package in the verse with snapmeta being the only SNAPverse package it is dependent on. It is not required by any other packages.


You can install snapsite from github with:

# install.packages('devtools')


This package is in early development. Examples are limited. At the moment it includes functions for generating flowcharts of the SNAPverse.