SNAPverse R package ecosystem development frozen.

Development of the SNAPverse R package ecosystem has been frozen indefinitely. This project was never directly funded. I began it out of personal interest, but no longer work for SNAP. It will remain archived here for historical reference.

The snapprep package contains R functions used to support a wide range of SNAP projects by preparing and curating useful data sets from upstream raw SNAP data. The data sets compiled with the aid of snapprep are then made avaible to other projects. This includes compiling data sets that are contained in SNAPverse data packages.

snapprep is a developer package used by the SNAPverse author and maintainer. For user packages catering to analysis and graphing of the curated data sets available in SNAPverse data packages, see the snapstat package instead.

Use case examples

Examples of some of the processing chains that snapprep is involved in include:

  • Preparing climate distributions data frames for the climdist Shiny app.
  • Compiling data frames of cell indices of the intersection of commonly used SNAP polygon shapefiles with common rasterized map layers for subsequent efficient processing of large data extraction tasks.
  • Uploading curated data sets to Amazon Web Services S3 buckets for rapid access remote use by various SNAP applications and projects.


You can install snapprep from github with:

# install.packages('devtools')