My 2018 #rstats year in review

This past year in R has been a good one for me; productive, exciting, different. I decided it was worth taking a moment to reflect and share. Goals were set and met. There were also unexpected changes. CRAN A year ago, at the tail end of 2017, I published my first package to CRAN. It’s a fun, silly package, but I also had to make a successful case for in the initial review process to distinguish it from other similar works.

Mix ggplot2 graphs with your favorite memes. memery 0.4.2 released.

Make memorable plots with memery. memery is an R package that generates internet memes including superimposed inset graphs and other atypical features, combining the visual impact of an attention-grabbing meme with graphic results of data analysis. Version 0.4.2 of memery is now on CRAN. The latest development version and a package vignette are available on GitHub. Changes in v0.4.2 This latest version of memery includes a demo Shiny app.