mapmate 0.2.0

mapmate is under development and blog posts can become outdated quickly. Up to date mapmate documentation and tutorial examples can be found at the official mapmate Github pages. mapmate has now been updating from version 0.1.0 to 0.2.0 on Github. The key change is the incorporation of new functions, help docs and code examples focused on network maps, which is a more complex map type not previously covered. The new tutorial content below provides a a couple basic code examples for making network maps with mapmate.

R animation: global climate change

I have posted a new R data animation video. It’s an example animation of modeled historical and projected global temperature change from 1850 - 2100. The data prep, analysis, full processing and generation of all sets of still frames for each layer in the video are done using R. Typically an ensemble of models would be used but this video is just to demonstrate a basic animation using one climate model, both with a monthly time series and a monthly 10-year moving average time series.

R animation: global SNAP Shiny app users

For the blog readers, just a quick heads up that I have posted a new R data animation to YouTube. A complete post will follow, but for now here is the video. It displays the social network of SNAP Shiny app users over about the past year and a half using great circle trajectories on a rotating 3D Earth. It’s best in 1080p, but still somewhat degraded for streaming. I’ll post the raw source video later as well, which is crystal clear.

R animation: great circles 3, final draft

Here is the final draft of my great circle arcs R animation. I made this back in January shortly after my first two drafts, but am only now getting around to sharing it, which is a typical representation of how seldom I can make time for blogging. But given the recent spike in interest (thanks to Urban Demographics for sharing my work) in the first, and roughest, draft, I am motivated to finally share something better.