apputils 0.5.0 released

Version 0.5.0 of the apputils R package has been released on GitHub. Complete documentation is available at the apputils website.

The key updates are:

  • Added exApp for running Shiny app package examples.
  • Ported custom icons demo app to apputils.
  • Included all current custom icons in example app, adding the newer linear model themed icons.
  • Added package css for infoBox override.
  • Added introduction vignette content for stat boxes with package icons.

You can now call exApp("icons") to view the stat box icons examples locally. Available icons are grouped into three categories.

Icons representing common statistics

These are the recent updates to apputils. However, the package offers other helpful utilities such as convenient functions for:

  • app citation
  • a showcase widget for displaying and linking to other related apps
  • an author/contact info widget
  • dashboard sidebar footer logo
  • collapsible FAQ widget
  • integration with rintrojs and shinytoastr.

These utilities involve relatively canned styles of presentation so they are not universally suitable for all users and use cases, but they offer convenience when applicable. An example app that uses several utilities from apputils is my recent work in progress, the SNAP Climate Analytics app.