R Shiny Apps

The Shiny apps collected here are broken out into sections based roughly on the age of the apps. The older generations of apps date back to when Shiny was in early alpha status. Including them provides a picture of the historical development trajectory and all the changes that occurred along the way.

Highlighted apps

These apps are selected for the collection’s consistent polished look and feel while ranging from small to large and fairly simple to highly complex.

Older climate apps

These apps and those on subsequent tabs are relatively dated compared to the highlighted apps, but all apps are maintained. The last few apps listed below are some of the earliest app I created, circa early 2013. Note that the CMIP3/CMPI5 climate app is not publicly available, but the code is still viewable on GitHub.

Assorted examples

Example apps here offer a somewhat random assortment of content. Note that the ALFRESCO launcher Shiny app for running SNAP’s projected wildfire simulations model is viewable, but cannot actually be used to run the model online, so the app does not actually do anything here.

Random variables

The first app listed is the current implemenation of my Distributions of Random Variables app (2017). The other four versions of this app are some of the oldest apps and were used to demonstrate an app development trajectory of increasing complexity at a time when Shiny was in alpha development in early 2013.